Derelict Property

There are nearly one million derelict properties scattered across the UK which are in poor condition due to neglect or disuse. The type of deserted properties you may find include, houses, cottages, farms, churches and public buildings. Some buildings are in better condition than others with electricity and plumbing fixtures still in place. However, many buildings have been abandoned for decades and have crumbling walls, smashed windows and in some cases, no roofs. These properties are often the most difficult to restore due to the amount of time and money needed to repair them and many in the future may need to be demolished rather than restored due to health and safety regulations. In recent years there has been increased interest in purchasing derelict properties and renovating them, either to live in or to sell on for a profit. Abandoned houses especially in city areas have become a big problem in recent years and many local authority's are now desperate to solve this problem with renovation schemes. In some neighbourhood's these derelict houses have caused an increase in crime, due to squatters, drug users, burglaries, graffiti, vandalism and arson. The deserted houses are also causing neighbouring properties to be devalued in price and many residents find that it has now become impossible to sell their home.

Finding A Suitable Derelict Property

Although there are thousands of derelict properties standing empty across the UK, it can often prove difficult to find one unless you happen upon it by chance. If you know the area where you would like to find an abandoned house to buy and renovate then the best way is to drive around the area or walk the streets and ask local neighbours, who may be aware of empty properties in their area. Other options available is to visit local estate agents in the area who will likely have some empty properties on their books, although it is unlikely they will have them displayed in the window so it is important to ask. If they do have a derelict house or building available they will be able to help you with viewing appointments and inform you on how much work is needed to renovate.

As more and more people are now looking to buy derelict houses, you will find there are many internet sites with advertisements for derelict houses, farms, barns and cottages. Many of these sites also offer advice on the renovation process. Auction houses are also an excellent place to find a derelict building to buy, however it is important to make sure you have the money in place before bidding on a property. Many local authorities are now selling abandoned houses this way for low prices, often with grants or low interest rate loans to help with renovation of the houses. By renovating these neglected houses, more housing will become available and the quality of living standards to surrounding residents will improve.

Buying a Derelict Property In The UK

If you are lucky enough to find a derelict building which you wish to purchase, your next step is to find the owner of the house and ask him if he is willing to sell. You could try asking at neighbouring houses as they most likely will know who the owner is and usually will be only to happy to help, especially if they would like to see the building restored. The local council should also be able to provide details of the owner or you can contact The Land Registry who will tell you if the property is council owned, housing association or privately owned.

Once you have the owner's details, you will then need to contact him and ask if he is willing to sell, please be aware that there is no guarantee that the owner will sell as there are many reasons why abandoned properties remain empty for years. The owner could have died and there is a dispute over legal ownership or the owner may want to renovate the property himself when he has the money. If the owner is willing to sell, then a price will need to be agreed on, then follow the usual process such as deposit, mortgage and survey.

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